May 14, 2012

Key Dates

Key dates in the financial calendar o – 19 May 2012 o – PAYE and NIC due for the month ended 5th May 2012. o – CIS return must be submitted for the month ended 5th May 2012 o – […]
May 14, 2012

Additional Bank Holiday

The Government has created a special bank holiday to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; however, whether your staff are entitled to the day off will depend on how your employment contracts are written. All employees are entitled to a minimum […]
May 14, 2012

Non-payment of PAYE

From 6th April 2012 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will be able to ask employers to pay a security where there is serious risk that they won’t pay over their PAYE tax deductions or Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs). […]
May 14, 2012

Real Time Information

Real Time Information (RTI) is being introduced to improve the operation of PAYE. It will make the PAYE system easier for employers and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to operate, and employees will receive information more quickly. Using RTI, employers […]
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