The following guidance aims to help ensure that your electronic payment reaches your account and for the correct tax year and tax month.

When to pay...

Your cleared payment must reach HMRCs bank account no later than the 22nd of the month following the end of the tax month to which it relates.

Information you need to pay...

Account name: HMRC Cumbernauld

Account Number: 12001039    

Sort Code: 08 32 10

HMRC Accounts office reference: See below

Accounts office reference…

When you pay your PAYE deductions electronically, it’s important that you use your accounts office reference with no spaces between the characters.

Please see the table below for details of the reference to use.

If you pay between the dates shown in column 3 for the period ended shown in column 1 then you don’t need to add anything to your 13-character accounts office reference.

If you pay earlier or later than the dates shown, you may need to add the relevant four numbers from column 4 to the end of your reference to tell HMRC what tax year ending and tax month your payment is for. Your reference should then be 17 characters long with no spaces between.

1 2 3 4
Month ended for tax year 5 April 2019   HMRC has to receive cleared electronic funds by An electronic payment received between these dates with only the accounts office reference is allocated to month shown in column 1 If paying earlier or later than the dates in column 3, add these extra numbers to the end of your accounts office reference (See Note 1)
5th May 22 May 6 May to 5 Jun 1901
5TH Jun 22 June 6 Jun to 5 Jul 1902
5th July 22 July 6 Jul to 5 Aug 1903
5th Aug 22 Aug 6 Aug to 5 Sept 1904
5th Sept 22 Sept 6 Sept to 5 Oct 1905
5th Oct 22 Oct 6 Oct to 5 Nov 1906
5th Nov 22 Nov 6 Nov to 5 Dec 1907
5th Dec 22 Dec 6 Dec to 5 Jan 1908
5th Jan 22 Jan 6 Jan to 5 Feb 1909
5th Feb 22 Feb 6 Feb to 5 Mar 1910
5th Mar 22 Mar 6 Mar to 5 Apr 1911
5th Apr 22 Apr 6 Apr to 5 May 1912
Note 1

To make a payment for a previous tax year, add the relevant year and number 12 to the end of your accounts office reference, for example for the tax year ending 5 April 2018 add 1812

To pay a specific month, add the relevant year and month number, for example to pay month 03 in the year end 5 April 2018 add 1803. Remove the extra 4 number when no longer applicable.