Key People

Our team of highly dedicated staff, across all aspects of the business, are managed and led by our management team.

Gareth Curle, C.A.


Saralyn Curle, C.A.

Accounts & Audit Manager

Christine Price

Bookkeeping Manager

Our Trusted Teams

Each department has a team of staff who look after the various services that are required from our clients.

Many of our staff have worked in industry before joining us; giving us a great breadth of knowledge across many different sectors.

Our staff are highly trained in their individual roles in our firm; ensuring our advice and professionalism is second-to-none.

We take pride in fostering great working relationships between our staff and customers, allowing us to help them grow and excel in what they do.

Accounts, Audit & Taxation

  • Andrew Lyon
  • Jordan Rankin
  • Nick Rossiter
  • Paula Bishop
  • Sean Turner

Bookkeeping & Payroll

  • Alastair Semple
  • Jadene McKechnie
  • Kate Diack
  • Kimberley Burton
  • Pamela Carmichael
  • Paulina Ostapowicz
  • Stuart McFadyen
  • Susan Gribben

Support Staff

  • Gillian Stewart
  • Jonathan Dobson
  • Vivienne Hutchison