Business Health Check

A number of accounting and financial regulations and requirements exist concerning issues such as PAYE compliance and the Construction Industry Scheme for construction contractors that can potentially cause headaches for businesses and lead to hefty financial costs.

  • Have you ever made PAYE/NIC payments late?
  • Have there been any occasions when you have not obtained a P46/P45 form from a new employee?
  • If scrutinised, would your expenses procedures cause a liability?
  • Do you employ students?
  • Does your business supply vans or company cars to employees?

Should you answer yes to any of these questions, then you may find yourself targeted for a detailed Employer/Contractor Compliance Review by HM Revenue & Customs. This review typically involves very detailed analysis of all business records, and should you fail to be found fully compliant, you are likely to face significant penalties and interest charges. Therefore, there is clearly strong motivation to ensure your business is compliant with regulations.

Curle & Co. offer Business Health Check services to review your procedures and make necessary recommendations to ensure that, should your business ever be reviewed, you are fully compliant.

We also offer comprehensive fee cover up to £100,000 through our preferred provider, PFP.  PFP offers the UK’s leading fee protection scheme, protecting our clients against HMRC tax investigations.

Business Forecasting

Preparations of Business Forecasts, or Budget Forecasts provide a business with the ability to determine their likely financial position over a period of time, for example a year, and plan a course of action, or strategic direction to undertake during the period in order to facilitate growth.

Preparing business forecasts offers businesses the advantages of:

  • Ability to closely manage cash flow
  • Tailoring of budgets to various scenarios

Detailed forecasts can greatly assist in the acquisition of funding due to the ability to display an in-depth understanding of future opportunities for the business.

Curle & Co. can help with the production of business and budget forecasts, tailored to fit client requirements. From simple profit and loss forecasts, to those including full projected balance sheets and cash flow information, whatever your requirement, we can provide the service you need.

If you would like your business to undergo a health check or feel that forecasting would be helpful, contact us on 01236 822 728.