At Curle & Co. we can assist you whether you are dealing with a VAT investigation, or a complex business transaction. Our highly experienced team will ensure that all tax aspects are identified and considered, ensuring the most VAT effective solution for you.

The financial cost of getting VAT wrong can be significant and potentially damaging to businesses, which is why at Curle & Co., we can take care of all your VAT issues giving you peace of mind and allowing you to do what you do best – run your business.

A summary of VAT services we can provide:

  • VAT processing
  • VAT investigations
  • VAT planning
  • VAT consultancy
  • VAT business health check
  • VAT assistance

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

We maintain the necessary records to enable contractors to operate subcontractors schemes. This involves:

  • Calculating subcontractors payments
  • Preparing subcontractors statements (monthly/weekly)
  • Contractors monthly returns
  • Contractors annual returns

To find out how Curle & Co. can assist you with your VAT needs, contact us on 01236 822 728.